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June 30, 2016

Most people have experience some degree of dandruff or scalp problems during their life. This kind of problems such as hair may thin or fall out, break off and then grow slowly, suffering from dandruff or an itching or peeling scalp. Hair loss is one of the most common scalp problem, normally people lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you have an itchy scalp or hair loss, don’t be embarrassed and try to avoid this problem, go search for effective products or treatment available to treat it. But if you are concerned that the product might not work, you should make an appointment with trichologist.

I was suffering from my itchy scalp when came back from Japan, I noticed that my hair loss problem occur after itchy scalp issue. I have no idea how it happen and how to treat it until i heard about Svenson Hair Centre Malaysia. Nobody likes unclear advise and inaccurate judgment, i hate too! Instead of myself act like a doctor to guessing what is the problem occur and go for inappropriate treatments, i decided to see their trichologist to find out root of the problem.
With 60 years of trichological experience, the first Svenson Hair Centres was established in London in 1956. Svenson is globally renowned as the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, providing effective, innovative and holistic hair loss solutions, by using the latest technologies. Svenson is supported by an international group of highly experienced and professionally qualified trichologists to customise a programme to help you solve the hair problems.
By the way, what is trichology huh??
FYI, Trichology deals with the study of scalp and hair problems - the different types of hair loss, baldness, scaling problems that occur, and the non-medical treatment of those maladies.
A qualified trichologist is someone who has successfully completed exams of international trichology organizations and have years of clinical experience. It's not easy to become a trichologist, so there so few trichologists.
Deborah Whelan
I had an appointment with Deborah Whelan at Svenson Kuala Lumpur (Menara Hap Seng), a leading hair and scalp trichologist with over 20 years clinical experience, also is the owner of 2 clinics in Galway and Dublin since 2005. She started to determine the precise cause of my itchy scalp problem, i was so surprise that she is not using any machine to check my scalp! She was carefully asking me few question and examine the scalp thoroughly to assess the problem and its cause. She established that my scalp is healthy and good, so the root of the problem is environmental, exposure to cool environments with low humidity, and the effects of wind and sun. I am glad that I don’t have to go through any heavily customized treatment for special conditioned hair and all i need to do is to wash my hair daily to get rid of itchy scalp problem instead of wash at least every second day. 
Though my hair condition isn’t that bad, I was offered a customized treatment at Svenson. So on another day, i make another appointment to try their treatment at Mid Valley branch.
To customise the best treatment for me, trichologist was using capilloscope to check my scalp again. The result is - my scalp is good and healthy hair too but with a little problem only, overproduction of sebum that is produced by the sebaceous glands present abundantly on my scalp can caused dull, dirty and lifeless appearance to hair and might lead to other problems like hair thinning.
Always remember "prevent is better than cure", so i decided go to try their treatment. 
At the treatment area.
Here is my treatment which customised by Svenson trichologist : 
Step 1 : Put on detox mask for 10-15mins to soften dead skin cells and exfoliate the scalp, which unclogs your pores of dead skin and removes toxins from the hair follicles.
Step 2 : Wash off and proceed to the high frequency therapy. High frequency therapy is a type of intensive hair treatment to antiseptic / anti-bacteria , cure dandruff, hair-fall or alopecia, carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra rays.
Step 3 : Oxyjet Spray with Saline water and pressure for rejuvenation and deep cleansing scalp.
Step 4 : Applied Corrective Treatment and massage it gently, to prevent further thinning, boost hair regrowth and production, and restore the health of my hair. I have been advised that i cannot wash my hair for 8 hours after this treatment. 
Thanks to Svenson to helps me find out the real reasons, so as to improve the problems of hair loss quickly, my hair and scalp are completely clean.
There are many branches of Svenson Hair Centers, you can check here for other locations and contact number.
Toll Free : 1800-22-8333

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  1. Hi there. How much is the total price that you have to pay for the treatment?

    1. Hi, i am invited to try their treatment for free, you can call their hotline 1800-22-8333 for pricing enquiry =)